OrthoMedical Bangladesh is the leading company and supplier of High-quality range of ophthalmic instruments, optical instruments, optical equipment, and vision testing instrument. Our range includes an auto refractometer and an indirect ophthalmoscope.


 visual and eye care

In the pursuit of boundless seeing – we are excited. Walking the path of non-compromise – just to get something good and readily available. Walk together with Unitech Vision and some more European companies.

A Vision that inspires all

Deal with ophthalmology 5 years.

Experienced in doing OEM for distributors.

Established distribution network in 10 districts.

1-year warranty for all products.

Products are CE-certified and FDA-listed.
ISO13485 and ISO9001cerified.

Lead time normally within 1 week.

Response within 24 hours.

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Get The 100% Authentic, Higher Quality Original

Ophthalmic Products

Our Other Products

Orthopedic Instrument's & Implant's

Get the latest Orthopedic Instrument’s & Implants in Bangladesh

Orthotics & Prosthetics

One of the leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic materials, components, knee joint & machines.


OMB has Various range of surgical ENT solutions designed specifically for ENT procedures

Power Tools

Largest collection of powered instruments and accessories used to drill, cut, shape, fixate, and dissect bone.