Orthopedic Instrument’s & Implant’s

Omb provides all kinds of implants, instruments, power drills which from India, USA, Turkey.


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Our medical devices are provided in a wide range varying in complexity and application, including trauma, a wide ranges of various interlocking nails and pins, Mini Fragment Implants & instruments, Small Fragment Implants & instruments, Standard Large Fragment & Locking plate & Screw System, Cannulated Screws DHS/DCS & General instruments Surgical, Power tools, Spine system, medical machine & equipment.

Advanced Tech, High Quality

OrthoMedical Bangladesh possesses advanced production equipment with high – precision and large-scale and complete sets of precision testing equipment. We have a professional team responsible for technical support to the user. The company management is based on ISO9000 /ISO 13485 International Quality System Standard and YY/T0287 Medical Device Quality System Standard. We are always in pursuit of more stable and advanced product technology, and more convenient and simpler operational functions.

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Orthopedic Instrument's & Implant's

Get the latest Orthopedic Instrument’s & Implants in Bangladesh

Orthotics & Prosthetics

One of the leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic materials, components, knee joint & machines.


OMB has Various range of surgical ENT solutions designed specifically for ENT procedures

Power Tools

Largest collection of powered instruments and accessories used to drill, cut, shape, fixate, and dissect bone.