Keeping you mobile and independent is one of SpinLife’s top priorities, which is why OMB offers the largest selection of motorized wheelchairs to fit just about any need. OMB offers power chair models that are portable and convenient to travel with, as well as full-sized motorized wheelchairs for added power and stability. OMB also offers heavy-duty and higher weight capacity options to accommodate those who need more power in their motorized wheelchair.



Our organization is a team of experienced professionals from the healthcare segment having more than five years in hands-on power Wheelchairs in Bangladesh, selling of seating products/scooters, and healthcare marketing and management. OMB has also electronic engineers who are able to look after and maintain the power chairs.

OMB deals with OttoBock, Wisking & Chinese companies.

Make Life Easier and Better

If you’ve decided that an electric wheelchair is needed to improve your mobility and help you live a more active lifestyle, it’s best to know the facts before buying. First, safety should be your primary concern, and this can make sure you maintain and operate the device safely.

Once you have determined you can safely use the equipment, you’ll need to establish some priorities to make a wise choice. Not every chair will likely have every perk you’re looking for (especially at a modest price). Develop a list of non-negotiable needs first. After you’ve done that, search for chairs that will also include a few “nice to have.” Here are some of those other most important considerations:

Electric Wheelchair Price

Electric Wheelchair Performance

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Ensure parts & services

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