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OrthoMedical Bangladesh has revolutionized the use of modern, advanced technology and raw materials, machines in Bangladesh by joining prosthetics and orthotics services. Contact us for more details.


World’s renowned Brands

OttoBock, the world’s best company, has made all the raw materials, components and equipment of Germany and Beijing-Jingbo easily available, which is a special joy for everyone involved in this service and for the victims. Also OMB’s expert team is always committed to surching something good from around the world and bring that available to your door.

OttoBock and Orthomedical Bangladesh

OttoBock and Orthomedical Bangladesh have jointly made OttoBock’s products and services readily available in this country.
This product is now available in all the quality centers of Bangladesh. Moreover, Orthomedical Bangladesh is constantly working to improve the quality of various training and services.
In the future, we are determined to keep it intact.

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Orthopedic Instrument's & Implant's

Get the latest Orthopedic Instrument’s & Implants in Bangladesh

Orthotics & Prosthetics

One of the leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic materials, components, knee joint & machines.


OMB has Various range of surgical ENT solutions designed specifically for ENT procedures

Power Tools

Largest collection of powered instruments and accessories used to drill, cut, shape, fixate, and dissect bone.